DIY Pencil Holders

Hello Everyone, on todays post I wanted to show you guys these cute pencil holders that I made.     They are so easy to make and I am pretty sure you have all these materials laying around your house. SO, lets get started


  • White Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Srcapbook paper
  • Cans


  1. First you will want to make sure that your can is clean to be used as a pencil holder
  2. Then you will take the scrapbook paper of your choice and measure it to the size of the can and cut your paper accordingly
  3. Now that your paper is cut according to the size you will want to start gluing. You can put the glue straight on the can, or on the paper. .its as you wish
  4. Make sure that all the edges are smooth and let it dry
  5. Now this steph is optional but I like to put a little Varnish at the end to give it a shiny look

And that is it! Its so easy and super cute, I made a  lot of them and gave them to my friends and they even asked for more to take home! I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and let me know how it turned out

IMG_6524 IMG_2785 IMG_23682




6 thoughts on “DIY Pencil Holders

    1. Hello!! Well I live in Switzerland so I got it at a store called Aldi, they had a week where it was all about crafts so I saw it and loved the paper o bought like 5 packs ! And thank you !! Xoxo


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