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Peruvian Alfajores – The Peruvian Delight

I don’t know if everyone knows what an alfajor is, and if you don’t keep reading and thank me later ( seriously ) . I grew up eating these in Peru, they were my favourite sweet treat that I always wanted, my grandma used to make the best alfajores in town from what i hear,…… Continue reading Peruvian Alfajores – The Peruvian Delight

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Homemade Vegan Calzones

Hello Everybody, today I decided that I would try to make some vegan calzones. Not only did I decide to make them but also share the process with you, I thought it would be very complicated but it was actually easier than I thought. Below you will find the recipe first, and then I will…… Continue reading Homemade Vegan Calzones

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