Hello There, I LOVE, but LOVE doing art and crafts, and over the past few weeks, I have been doing some projects. Here you will see the pictures of what I have made. I also have my own shop in ETSY where I sell some of the stuff that I do. If you are interested, go and take a look!!

Here we go, let us get started!!

1. Faux Iron wall art (Toilet paper rolls)

20130507-171324.jpgimage copie 2image copie

2. Magazine basket

image copie 3

3. Plastic spoon flower

image copie 5

4. Glass vase decorated with newspaper

image copie 4image copie 7

5. Newspaper decorative bowl

image copie 6

6. Newspaper Vase (in process)

image copie 8

7. Plastic spoon Candle holder

image copie 12

8. Engraved rocks (with anything of choice)

image copie 10

image copie 13image copie 14

9. Hand painted rocks

image copie 11

I hope you like them!!! if you want to know how to make one, just comment and I will direct you to the source.

Thank you!!

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