Quote of the day – REVENGE

” Living well is the best revenge.” – George Herbert

How often to we want to seek revenge against someone? I know I have many times, I think it is a natural human instinct. But I have learned that in your life there will be many people who will do mean things to you, that will try to destroy your happiness. I have also learned that those people are just plain JEALOUS. Whether you are rich or poor, you will always have people that will try to bring you down. You will find this anywhere, in family, circle of friends, or work. But what I have learned the hard way is to just brush it off.. ( I KNOW ITS SO HARD) it hurts sometimes what people do to you, but you know what is the best revenge? JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE. They will be so bothered about you not caring of what they do or say and just living your awesome life. That my friends, is the best revenge.



Ariana Z.


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