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“Let the child and the youth be taught that every mistake, every fault, every difficulty, conquered, becomes a steppingstone to better and higher things. It is through such experiences that all who have ever made life worth the living have achieved success.”—Child Guidance, p. 255. 

This paragraph is similar to my last quote of the day post , I am not planning on having children any time soon, but this is not just for children .. This is also for us as adults . All that we go through is a stepping stone to something better for us. We have to learn that this the way it is, the way life is. We are not perfect, nothing is perfect in our life, but the UN-perfect things is what gets us to higher and better things in this world.



2 thoughts on “Steppingstones 

  1. Hi! Nice post..
    I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist too and I’m pleased to meet people who post about the SDA faith, nice to meet you here 🙂

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