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“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” -Maya Angelou

Isn’t a rainbow such a beautiful to behold? Have you ever heard the saying “after a storm, comes a rainbow” and when you do see the rainbow you just stare at it, with all its beautiful colours and take a picture? They are beautiful, and to me they are a promise from God. There are people out there that are living in a storm, it’s not a storm that just comes and passes, but they don’t see the rainbow because their storm doesn’t stop. They don’t know how to make it stop. We can try to help those people, we can be their rainbow. Sometimes all people need is one smile, one hello and they see the rainbow.

You know, my dad told me a story once that really stuck to me. ( I will try to paraphrase it) There was this one man, he was truly depressed, he felt as if there was no hope for him, no one in this world that cared for him. He just wanted all his suffering to end. One afternoon he decided that this was it for him, today was the day that he would end his misery. As he was walking, and crying on his way to coming suicide, he was not looking and bumped into a stranger, this stranger saw this man fallen apart, with eyes so red as if he had been crying for days, but this stranger did not know what this man was on his way to do. But the stranger saw that they needed to do something, talk to this man. They sat and they talked for hours. At the end of it, the man who was on his way to die was feeling different, he didn’t feel the need to end his life. He told the kind stranger that they had saved his life, the stranger was of course confused, and they realised that this broken down man that they had bumped into was on his way to commit suicide, and that if it weren’t for the talk they just had, he probably would have had no more hope. We can be this stranger, we can save someones life. I don’t know if this story is true, but I am 100% sure that it has probably happened to someone. Just remember that you can brighten up someones day with just a hello, or a smile. Lets be a rainbow in someones cloud.




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