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Valentines Day cupcakes DIY

Oh dear, it’s that time of year again.. the day for lovers, which is one of my all time favourite ❤ And its only 3 days away! So I decided to start early and bake some V-day themed cupcakes. They came out great! My husband loved them, and the people at work did too, so that gotta mean they are good right? Any-who, I thought I would share the masterpiece with you guys, and recipe is below 😉


IMG_1864 IMG_1866

Now for the recipe, you can really make it with any of your favourite cupcake recipe and frosting, but I used my new favourite vanilla cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart (HERE). I truly love this recipe, they come out spongy and just amazing. For the Frosting  I just did the original butter cream frosting which you can find anywhere .

** For the colour of the cupcakes I used the Wilton gel colourings. I took red, pink and purple. I got my heart mold ready, and started with pink first, then purple, and last red, and i did that for all of them. This recipe gave me about 15 of these little hears.

Do let me know if you try this at home and show me pictures, I would love to see them!



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