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Quote of the day – Stress

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

So, I am sitting right now at my desk at work, just wanting to write my thoughts down. I am taking a little break because my head, it just feels like it will explode. During this time of the month, specially for accountants, it’s the busiest. So much to do, so little time. And so much stress for me. It depends who it is, some people don’t stress much, but I am the person that stresses so easily and then I get anxiety. I honestly don’t know why. I am trying to really change this, but it’s so hard. I push myself so hard that I stress myself out for no reason. I just have to learn to choose one though over another likes this quote says. I hope it helps, I pray to God that it helps. Some days are worse than others, today I’m just exhausted, and when I think about what I have to do.. UGH. But that’s life, and that’s work. I love what I do, I just have to learn to control my stress better I guess…Any thoughts on how? I would love some opinions from people going through the same thing 🙂

Until next time my bloggers ( and sorry for this negative post )



6 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Stress

  1. Thank you for honestly sharing your feelings and thoughts, Ariana!

    For the more sensitive amongst us it can sometimes feel very challenging to keep up with the world in midst of all the pressure floating around. It is suggested to us to be a special way, function a special way and when we do not fit into those patterns it is suggested that we are kind of wrong. (Which we are not! God makes no mistakes.)

    The two comments I found before me sound like helpful advice to me. At least in my own experience it helps to remember in situations of anxiety that I “am” not the stressful feeling but that I “have” it, morelike. And breathing is something that I always found to be a good advice.

    It also helps me to remember to love myself instead of judgeing myself. When I allow myself to be just that I am it often takes a lot of stress off me and I have more energy to take care of the things in front of me. Maybe it works for you, too… 🙂

    Much love and a good breathing space,

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  2. Hello Ariana! Wow, being accountant sounds like a lot of work and stress. But don’t think of life as stressful, because stress will indeed engulf you. Make stress as just a fleeting feeling. Instead of “I am so stressed.” Which is intrinsic, just say to yourself, “Stress is trying to overwhelm me! I will just rise above it and do my best anyway.” 🙂 All the best at work and stay optimistic!
    – Elle

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