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Quote of the Day – LIFE

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

– John W. Gardner

 Life is something that we are gifted with. There is no time to take back, or ponder about something that happened in the past that could have been different. We all do that, I myself included. But that is what life is for, we stumble upon these rocks, whether they may be big or small. WE LEARN. We cannot erase what happened, all we can do is look to the future and keep living. Sometimes things happen, and we do not why, or how to get through it, but be assured that you will get through it. We all have the same issue. You know when you are drawing, if you don’t like it either you wrinkle up the paper and toss it in the trash, or you erase, a line, or a circle, or just erase the whole thing and start over, but with life…oh how I wish that can be done, but no, it cannot. We have to learn to just move on and leave what was drawn there and not try to erase it. This is an everyday struggle.



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