Quick Fix: 15-Minute Creamy Tortellini Soup Challenge

Hello Bloggers, I saw this today and just had to share.. probably the easiest tortellini recipe I have seen around, and it just looks so delicious to try! I hope you guys Enjoy, ❤



The Chelsea Project

There must be a thousand tortellini soup recipes on the internet.

Maybe even a million.


But, I wanted a 15-minute alfredo-based creamy tortellini soup.

And….guess what?

Not there.

So I took a 3-hour crock pot version of what I had in mind and shaved it down to 15 minutes

start to slurp.

I mean…….no disrespect to crock pots….but 3 hours?

Huuuum.  No.

Fasten your seat belts soup lovers.


Here we go.


Step 1:  Get your veggie on.  



One large onion

8-ounce package of white mushrooms (using presliced saves even more time)

3 garlic cloves (again….using jarred saves even more time)

Step 2:  Saute….in your fav soup pot..

3 to 5 tablespoonfuls cooking oil

And the chopped veggies

Now…see that spinach sitting over there….in the bowl?  Give it a quick wash and drain.  But, do not add it to the pot just yet…..will circle back to it…

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