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You know, I really never admit this, to anyone, not even my husband, even though he knows. But I don’t like making choices/decisions. Sometimes I feel like I am depending on other people to choices or their decisions for me. I know this is not good, but everyone has their weaknesses right? I have no idea why is it so hard for me to make choices? Is it Psychological?  I mean even for the dumbest things. Like my husband asks me what I want to do today, I just avoid choosing and I just tell him, “IDK, whatever you wanna do.” Is this normal? I mean, it’s not like I don’t EVER make my own decisions. Ofcourse I do, for the most critical things anyway. But it’s the smaller choices and decisions that I try to avoid. Does this happen to anyone else? I am trying to work on it and make my own decisions in everything, but its kinda hard when I have been used to something for so many years. But I pray to God to help me, because with Him, anything is possible. Any who, I just felt like sharing that with all of you and thanks for reading!!! 😀

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  1. I hate making decisions too. I usually have to check with someone before deciding anything big. It’s weird because I love to be in control but I still need a second opinion or guidance. I think it’s all a part of anxiety.


  2. I do the same thing!!! And then, after several times, I get resentful because we never do anything I want to do…or watch anything on tv that I want to watch. I set myself up…

    Maybe if you answer with a suggestion, rather than a decision. Put a ? at the end of it.

    Baby steps!!


  3. Sometimes – I wish my decisions were taken out of my hands. I wish I didn’t have to think about anything; just get up and do.

    I guess that’s why with God is the best place to be. You’re in safe hands. Trust Him.


  4. Believe in yourself as much you do in God. Maybe it is your self-confidence, and maybe that you don’t want to be responsible for something, so it’s easier to let somebody do it for you. Everybody has that kind of problem.Start with the small things, for examle why dont you suggest your hubby to go to your favourite coffee shop? or make a decision and make your kids YOUR favourite cake. Please yourself, so will the others be!!! 🙂


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