Stephan Zuber Photography

Hello Bloggers, as you might have seen I have been posting some pictures of my husbands photography, I finally convinced him to open a WordPress account!

He will be posting all of his work on there. He just wrote his first blog Go check it out and follow him!!

Here is his page, Stephan Zuber Photography or go to my menu bar and you should see it there!!

Thank you a million times!!!


One thought on “Stephan Zuber Photography

  1. Hello ariana, it’s wasantha. I am new to wordpress.I got used to facebook quite longer. in word press I tried to create a new form and add few photos.but it overwrite the front form. any advice. thanks. most of my facebook friends are from my previous workplace. I think it is cool to meet people from different countries. may be later I create a another blog? any way i just want to say hello to everyone. lab and academic world separate me from the rest of the world. cheers.


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