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Fear and Anxiety

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Did you know that there are more chickens in the world than people?

And talking about chickens, a lot of people have issues with fear and anxiety don’t we? Let’s Face it, a lot of us are just plain chickens. Have you overcome fear in your life? or found a new way of dealing with it? What are some of the fears that you have?

I am going to tell you one of mine, that I never tell anyone, and I am really embarrassed about saying. But what the heck, I don’t know most of you, so no judging LOL. I am deadly afraid of the dark. I am a 21-year-old girl, and I cannot be in the dark by myself, I get this terrible anxiety that someone is just going to grab me and take me way. For example, whenever I am in my living room and I need to turn off the light to walk to another room, I always feel like there is someone walking behind me, and I only get that feeling once I turn off the lights. I have to run back to my room like someone is chasing me every time, and once I start running I feel like that someone is running after me to catch me. Is this normal? I mean I can sleep in my room in the dark, but when my husband is not with me, or I am just alone… my anxiety gets a lot worse, my heart starts beating like crazy, I have trouble breathing, but once I turn on the lights it’s all gone. Whenever I get this feeling, I have tried to just pray in my mind quietly, or sing a hymn. but it just doesn’t go away!

Now you know my embarrassing fear, and I can call myself a chicken because only little kids are scared of the dark lol. So, now its your turn to tell me your fears :)…. Have you overcome fear in your life? or found a new way of dealing with it? What are some of the fears that you have?


12 thoughts on “Fear and Anxiety

  1. Anxiety sucks. It is the worst feeling ever. I am blogging about my experences with an adjustment anxiety disorder on my blog. But all anxiety has the same effect and it seems very real. Deep breaths and calm thoughts that always works for me


  2. I don’t like to vacuum for the same reason. The noise covers up any sounds someone might make as they sneak up on me to knock me out or kidnap me.


  3. Not embarrassing at all… I am afraid of the dark as well (turning 20 later this year) and I run to my room each time that final light is switched off for the very reason you do. “There’s a man hiding in here I know it. And when I turn off that light he is going to come out and get me, so run fast.”

    I am afraid of a lot of questionable crap though – fire (even lighters, and sparklers make me uncomfortable), stray animals or coming in contact with a friends pet for the first time. I also have an irrational fear of answering the phone or making phone calls to companies/places/homes where there’s the potential to have an awkward conversation with a stranger. And the common biggie = heights. I only wish to get over my fear of phone conversations, ordering a pizza is like running a marathon – unimaginable haha! But as for the fire, strange animals and heights, I’ll remain a chicken.


    1. Thank you! I am so happy to hear I am not the only one! It is such a scary thought… I am afraid of many things too, but this one is my number one. I hope you can get through your fears and over come them! I mean we are all chickens when it comes to certain things!! righ!? haha


      1. Haha definitely! And if you think you’re not a chicken, you’re kidding yourself!


  4. It is very brave of you to share your fear. I’m personally afraid of heights, unless I’m looking out of my own window, that’s when I’m not afraid. I guess it is because I got used to this specific height from the same spot. (I live on the 11th floor). I’m however on my way to facing and over coming my fear, I plan on going bungee jumping or sky diving. I’ve been on a roller coaster, and It went good, I actually thought I enjoyed it when it was over, and wanted to go for me, I guess facing fears can be more fun than scary sometimes.


    1. Hello, Thank you ! and it is also very brave of you to face your fears! For someone that is afraid of heights and lives on the 11th floor I say bravo to you! For me, I love heights 🙂 But I don’t know how to face mine.


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