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Quote of the Day

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”-Theodore Roosevelt

Sometimes, all you have to do to get somewhere or to do something is to just believe. I find this so easy, yet it is so difficult. Why is that? That is something that I do not have the answer to. There have been so many times that this has happened to me, as I am trying to what I think I “can” do, I have a negative mentality, I think that I can’t do it, and this is a word that should not even be in our vocabulary, “I CAN’T do it.”

Then months later, I try the same thing, but this time, believing in myself. And you know what? I surprise myself sometimes. When I believe in myself I do what I thought I couldn’t. We are so complicated sometimes aren’t we? This quote is so simple, yet so POWERFULL. And this shows us that in our lives, it’s the most simplest things that matter the most. It is the simple things in life that make this world such a beautiful place.


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