Work Enviroment, WHATCH WHAT YOU SAY!!!

Sometimes I feel that people just don’t care, and want everything their way. At the company I work at, I work with many countries, and someone came to see our new building site from a different country. This is a person that I have always email contact with, but she doesn’t know who I am. I didn’t know who she was either. During the time I am writing the email, I notice that someone that I have never seen before comes and talks to the person in front of me. So once I hit send on the email, I start doing other things at my desk. Then I overhear the conversation of the person sitting in front of me and this new person, then the person I don’t know, starts saying how she just got this email, and she thinks that this process is stupid… and bla bla bla, just talking really bad about the person that sent her the email. So while this is going on, I was thinking to myself, wow.. she must be really mad at this person.

My colleague asks her who was the email sent from, then she mentions the Generic email that I have for our team. Then I look up thinking… oh hell no!! she did not just say all this stuff about me! (in my head of course lol) then my colleague points to me saying this is her! you could just tell in her face that she just wanted the ground to swallow her whole. She looked at me with such guilt in her eyes. By this time, I just felt sorry for her, she had embarrassed herself in front of quite a bit of people. An she isn’t just a regular employee here, she has quite a high position …. So all I manage to say is, “Don’t worry, I didn’t hear anything.” Am I dumb or what? I just wanted to tell her off! But I kept my cool down and just let it go.

Its so funny sometimes how you talk bad about someone, and that person might be just right there listening… So I have learned one BIG lesson from this experienced.. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY EVERYWHERE YOU GO! Specially when talking bad about someone (which is something we shouldn’t do, but do anyways) because they may be closer than you think…




2 thoughts on “Work Enviroment, WHATCH WHAT YOU SAY!!!

  1. What are the odds of something like that happening? Amazing. You truly do have to watch what you say everywhere you go.


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